Sunday, May 26, 2013

Uplifting Country Music

Hope everyone is having a Blessed Sunday morning!

I wanted to share some uplifting music today. Hope you enjoy!

Living in the south, everyone loves country music. Except me. =) Sure there are a few songs I like or enjoy, but listening to music about getting drunk, making out, drinking some more, and cheating is NOT my type of music, and as a mom, I do not want my children hearing it! I have gotten more and more particular as my children get older. =)
I was cleaning a house for a friend a while back and found a cd called "A Country Salute To Gospel, Amazing Grace". I like listening to music while cleaning, so popped it in the player. It was a great cd! I was really surprised. Mostly surprised that I found some country music that I like! lol!

Here are a few songs from the album that I found on youtube.


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