Monday, April 29, 2013

Travel Buddies Backpack Giveaway At "The Link Fairy"!

My girls love back packs, bags, baskets, purses, buckets! Anything to carry stuff in!

When I saw this giveaway for a Travel Buddies Backpack from Trendy Kid, I knew I had to try to win it for them!

I like the ladybug backpack, but not sure yet which one they think they just can't live without!

You can enter for your chance to win here! Thank you to "The Link Fairy", where I found this giveaway. =)

Mandisa: Stronger - Official Lyric Video

Beautiful woman and beautiful voice!
My girls like listening to her!

Who You Are - Official Lyric Video - Unspoken

This is a beautiful song! Hope you enjoy it!

My Favorite Sourdough Recipe (so far)!


I love baking bread! I think t is mostly because I love eating homemade bread, but I also love the smell of fresh baked bread, and I like giving it to friends and family. =)

 I think it has been a little over a year ago that I found this really neat looking sourdough recipe on Taste of Home's website. I liked the sounds of it since it is a no knead recipe and plus you can start the sourdough starter about 48 hours before you want to make the bread! No hassle with "feeding the starter" or having to mess with all that! I have actually let my starter sit for more them 2 days and it didn't seem to be much different. I guess it will just keep getting more sour, but I personally would not leave it much longer then that.
 I made it in the round pans (pictured above) for a long time, but now I make it in two 9" loaf pans (pictured below) like I do my other bread. I sprinkle (pretty thick!) stone-ground cornmeal in my pans after I grease them. My girls just love the cornmeal!

 Here is the Recipe: Sourdough Bread.

I highly recommend this recipe and hope you enjoy it! Let me know if you try it and how it worked for you!



Welcome to my new blog!
I decided I needed to start fresh. =) I had not posted much on my old blog in years, and it was loaded with old blog buttons and outdated info.
I am looking forward to using this blog for my "blog work". =) I enter a lot of giveaways and join lots of events, so hoping to keep it better organized here.
Also hope it will provide inspiration for me to write more blog post. I enjoy writing, but get discouraged that no one is reading, or that it is not interesting or an encouragement for others.
Please follow my blog and let me know your thoughts!
God bless!